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 January 2017


Bruce DuBoff—President’s Message

January 2017

            Hello Fellow NJASL-ers! This month, I will be joining LaDawna Harrington in Atlanta for the ALA Midwinter session. One of the primary reasons we attend is to represent our region at the AASL Affiliate Meetings. If we do not represent our interests at the national level, no one will represent them for us. Each of us has a unique perspective on the state of things that dies a lonely death when we do not share it with our peers. If we want to see action, we are the ones who must initiate it. My sincerest thanks to LaDawna for her tireless efforts to keep us in the ALA/AASL loop. Let's follow her example and make our voices heard.

            ALA and AASL are not the only organizations you can work with. I have a wonderful relationship with AECT, and I earned instant respect from them for being a Villy Gandhi Scholar. You could be a Villy as well; ask Leslie Blatt--she'll tell you all about it. AECT will be a great publication source for me now that I am a Ph.D. student, and it could be one for you as well if you have academic aspirations. ISTE is an increasingly-important organization now that STEM and STEAM are such hot buzzwords these days, and they could benefit from more librarians' voices in their mix. Elizabeth ullrich will be happy to fill you in about opportunities with ISTE. NJEA and NEA are also organizations that live in our space, and they can also use good advocates. Ang Crockett Coxen and Janice Cooper are two great resources for NJEA/NEA related information. 

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Professional Practice & Development
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· Enthusiastic Reader Winners
· ALA Emerging Leader

Featured Authors
· Betsy Quinn
· NJLA- President Chris Carbone

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Villy Gandhi Leadership Training Scholarship 

All NJASL members are invited to apply for the Villy Gandhi Leadership Training Scholarship.  Villy Gandhi scholars participate in the Annual Convention in Jacksonville, Florida on November 6 -11, 2017 (this will coincide with the NJEA Convention dates).

AECT- Association for Educational Communications and Technology- promotes scholarship and best practices in the creation, use, and management of technologies for effective teaching and learning.  AECT is an International affiliate of NJASL. Learn more about AECT at

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Enthusiastic Reader Winners

On Saturday, November 19, 2016 the 2016 Enthusiastic Reader Awards were presented.  Our winners were treated to meeting and speaking with Trinka Hakes Noble, the 2016 New Jersey Author of the Year, in the morning. At lunch they were presented to the NJASL community where they received their certificates. Listed below are our recipients and their nominating Library Media Specialists.  


Congratulations to our Enthusiastic Reader Winners!!!

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ALA 2017 Emerging Leaders

A special congratulations to Melody Townley for being selected for the Emerging Leaders program.  Check out the press release here.



My AECT Experience
by Betsy Quinn

The Villy Gandhi LeadershipScholarship has to be the most unique professional development opportunityNJASL has to offer. Through attending the International Conventionof the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) youhave access to workshops and roundtable discussions that help developschool library programs as well as your professional direction. It alsoprovides administrators with an endorsement of your work. If that isn’t enough,there are the funds to travel to the conference and an excused week awaywithout the use of personal days!

In October I was lucky enough to dojust that. The first 12 hour hours had me quite intimidated.  The First-Timers reception was a bitoverwhelming with all the P-H-D talk. Most of the catalog of presentationsseemed to be from individuals that work at the graduate level. It seemed thecontent would be about research outcomes. I began to wonder, “why am I here?” and “where are the librarians?”   I was a bit confused.  

Pictured right:  Betsy Quinn (right) accepting the Villy Ghandi Award at NJASL conference in November 2016. Also pictured are AECT President Brad Hokanson and Leslie Blatt.

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NJLA Welcome Letter from NJASL 2016 Conference 

by President Chris Carbone

A Message from NJLA

Due to an oversight, NJLA’s Welcome Letter for our conference was left out of the Program Book. So, we decided to print it here in Bookmark!  Thank you NJLA for your kind words!

November 17, 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the New JerseyLibrary Association I wish to extend a warm welcome as you gather at the OceanPlace Resort for the New Jersey Association of School Librarians Create, Imagine, Discover 2016 FallConference. 

The workshops and speakers developed by the NJASL conference planners promise to be a valuable professional development and networking experience.  The importance of collaboration and solidarity among school librarians and all library types is now more critical than ever to ensure that New Jersey’s students have access to achieve the necessary digital and information literacies of the twenty-first century. 

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AECT Update
by Leslie Blatt

The last few months have been busy for AECT.

October was the AECT Convention in Las Vegas which I attended and presented. It was a full week of meetings and workshops.

The Monday Board of Directors meeting covered all of the usual topics from Budget to Publications reports plus the announcement of the candidates for two offices:                                              

President – Dirk Ifenthaler and Trey Martindale                                                                         

Executive Secretary - Michael Grant and Danielo Baylen

Division reports were presented. The School Media Technology Division (SMT) will be collaborating with the Teacher Education Division to develop a virtual Ed Camp event to be held in next year. The group will also begin a virtual repository for Best Practices collected from Teachers and SLMS. (I will be asking for input, at the proper time, from NJASL).  The SMT division is also planning to develop another award that will be for an individual. This award will be in addition to the award that we present, in conjunction with the AECT Foundation, and will go to a School District that promotes technology.  Details are just beginning to be discussed.

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NJASL County Affiliates Upcoming Events


If you have any news or articles that you would like to share with NJASL, please email Kim Laskey at! 

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